At Formby Pool Trust we have two dedicated Community Development Officers, myself and my colleague Heather. As part of my work for Formby Pool as a Community Development Officer I have worked with community groups such as the Formby Christmas Lights Committee, Sefton YOT, Formby Business & Community Partnership, and many more! On top of this I work closely with Leum and the wider management team to deliver community events that are free for all to attend, such as Festival in the Park and Formby Live.

In Formby Live 2018, we built on the success of previous years and expanded the event to the largest it has been to date, incorporating England’s World Cup run into the activities in our café. Building on this we hosted a second event during the August summer holidays, to provide an additional to the community at no entry-cost during the school holidays. Festival in the Park was well attended for a first time event, and featured a car show exhibiting over 20 vehicles for public display. As well as our large outdoor events, we have also begun to expand our café events- hosting the Formby U3A Skiffle Group and a fundraising evening with local music charity, Merseycats.

For 2019 at Formby Pool Trust, we have committed to expanding our events program by investing in a new staging system to be used at events in collaboration with Churches Together (after securing funding from our Development Fund). The stage first featured at the annual Formby Nativity by Churches Together. In addition to this, we are seeking further funding to pay towards the cost of a stage-cover and PA system that would guarantee the long-term future of events such as Formby Live and Festival at the Park at Formby Pool Trust.

As well as our own events, we would welcome suggestions by individuals for further events at Formby Pool Trust, as well as becoming an open events space that organisations and community groups could hire/utilise for events at our facility.

If you have a suggestion for future events or wish to host an event at Formby Pool Trust, please fill out the following form:


Community Development Officer