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At Formby Pool, we believe that learning to swim is a journey that starts right from birth through to adulthood. Therefore we offer a comprehensive swimming programme which ensures progression through each stage of the ASA national plan for swimming, starting at parent and baby through to adult masters.

swim-squirrelNo matter what your level of ability, our designated programme can accommodate you, whether starting as a beginner or improving your fitness as a competitive swimmer.

Lessons run from Monday through to Saturday all year round, with a short break during the festive season. Lessons are usually 30minutes in length and are taught by experienced ASA qualified instructors.

Children’s learner pool lessons operate with two qualified instructors, thus ensuring your child’s safety and progression. In addition, Class occupancy is limited to 12 pupils at any one time. One to One lessons are available on request, for further details please refer to our lessons and courses page.

swim--splash-1We are currently offering swimming assessments for those who enquire about a swim school place. During the assessment your child will participate in an existing class giving our experienced instructors the opportunity to access their ability, thus enabling us to find an appropriate stage for your child to begin their swimming journey.

To arrange an assessment or for more details please contact our reception team on 01704 879366. We look forward to hearing from you.

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